Our newest properties are launching in the Positive Media segment, a space we feel has continued growth potential as people in all walks seek self-improvement, prosperity, spiritual growth and healthy lifestyles.

~ The Prosperity Wall ~

A brand new Wall property is emerging utilizing the unique concept developed by publisher, Jeffrey D Brown (occasionally known as The Wallmaster). With over 50 Walls previously built, The Prosperity Wall is designed to be the Visual Resource Discovery Platform for Prosperity Consciousness.

Although we have launched other fully paid Walls in other markets, The Prosperity Wall offers a slightly different approach. We offer free wall space to qualified companies and organizations who create, produce or distribute products and provide services that support individual prosperity. We expect to see a variety of perspectives taking on a number of forms.

The Prosperity Wall will ultimately house multiple walls and provide a simple, easy-to-use “visual tool” to discover all kinds of products, services, companies and organizations… just by staring at the wall.

The Prosperity Wall is really very simple. Stare at the wall… see something you’re interested in? Just mouse over a Wall space and a popup will give you some additional information. Want more? Click the Wall space to be taken directly to the landing page or website for that spaceholder. That’s it. While you’re at it, when you click a wall space, a non-scientific vote is cast for that space and you’ll be able to see the results on the Search and Vote Results Page.

Because the Wall is a “visual experience”, we ask each spaceholder to produce creative, high-quality wall space artwork designed to capture the attention of visitors. This is in their best interest, but we have an ulterior motive. The walls also have a “work of art” flavor to them. We’ve learned over nearly five years of building walls that this adds to visitor engagement. It is not uncommon for visitors to spend long periods of time “staring and clicking” on the Wall.

Visit The Prosperity Wall today.