~ The Guitar Wall ~

If you’re a guitar player or enthusiast, or in the guitar business somewhere, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ve heard of or seen one of Jeffrey D Brown’s many guitar media properties… most notably, The Guitar Wall, now published by TrueMarket Publishing.

Created in the spring of 2007, The Guitar Wall began as a single digital wall comprised of 5,000 blocks, each 20 pixels square. Guitar builders and vendors bought groups of blocks, which made up individual wall spaces. As visitors to the wall moused over each of the spaces, a pop-up window provided a description and a click of the space took them immediately to the spaceholder’s website.

Now, four years later (as of this writing), The Guitar Wall is over 40 different walls with over 1000 wall spaces. Some of the finest custom and boutique guitar builders in the world have wall spaces on The Guitar Wall. You’ll also find walls for exotic guitars, basses, accessories and thinline guitars.

A variety of peripheral walls were built over the years and recently, most of them were consolidated and upgraded into a newly constructed platform called, The Guitar Wall 2. This wall complex includes the Amp Wall, Pedal Wall, Repair & Restoration Wall, Dealer Wall and Luthier Schools Wall. There is also and a direct connection to the For Sale Now Wall, a unique sales platform that spotlights custom and boutique instruments that are available for immediate or short-term delivery.

Two new walls were recently added to the network 2… The Guitar Wall International feature walls for major regions around the world, and the Players Guitar Wall, a new free wall to help promote serious guitar players of all kinds.

In addition, guitar builders and guitar-related businesses can now benefit from having their own dedicated walls on the Big Guitar Walls network. Each wall is designed and built by Jeffrey D Brown and focuses exclusively on one company, product or organization.

We’ve built walls for some of the finest guitar builders in the country including Stephen Marchione, Mark Lacey, Peter Hopkins, Dave Bertoncini and more. All of these walls can also be found on the Great Wall of Walls. Just click a wall to visit.