~ The Public Speakers Wall ~

Launching in tandem with The Prosperity WallThe Public Speakers Wall provides a complimentary vehicle with overlap in Event Media as well as Positive Media.

With The Public Speakers Wall…we are offering FREE wall space to qualified speakers, speakers bureaus, and other companies and organizations who create, produce or distribute products and services that support speakers and public speaking in general from a variety of perspectives.

~ The Tradeshow Wall ~

Although we launched other Walls in the tradeshow market for limited periods in years past, The Tradeshow Wall is an entirely different approach to using the Wall application. The big difference… We’ve been offering FREE wall space to qualified companies and organizations within the tradeshow-related industries.

The Tradeshow Wall will ultimately house multiple walls and provide a simple, easy-to-use “visual tool” to discover all kinds of products, services, companies and organization… just by staring at the wall.

This wall now houses over 125 companies and organizations and it’s really just getting starting.

Additionally, we’ve completed two new dedicated Great Tradeshow Walls for two companies, Classic Exhibits and ELITeXPO. There is now a separate “wall of walls” on the Tradeshow Wall and we’re doing quite a bit of additional promotion for these unique platforms. You can get more information about these walls here.

~ Tradeshow Blues ~

The Original Tradeshow Blues was started way  back in 2002. After many reinventions, TSB was taken offline for several years and replaced with Tradeshow Life, a slightly updated, modestly watered-down version of the original (with all good intentions, of course).

Tradeshow Life had a good life, but with the onset of the great recession of 2008-2009 (and now 2012), we realized it was time to bring Tradeshow Blues back to town, seven years later, with all new sheet metal, much less chrome and a lot less weight.

TSB also came back with a highly controversial program designed to recognize the great positive attitude and general enthusiasm of the tradeshow industry. The Certified Tradeshow Enthusiast (CTE) program was met with…uh… great enthusiasm by many. And, many of those many signed up, qualified and received their authentic CTE designation and beautiful semi-framed Certificate.

And then there was the controversy. One semi-prominent person in the industry (who always remains anonymous in our ledger but who has at least 57 letters after her name) objected with an outburst of verbal violence directed at a variety of industry leaders including TSB founder and publisher, Jeffrey D Brown.

Not wanting to upset the apple cart (which was pretty low on apples already), many of our friends (and a few others) felt uncomfortable supporting the program. Finally, it was decided to put the CTE on the shelf for the time being. But who knows, you may see those certificates bringing high bids on eBay soon.

During the great recession we allowed TSB to float on the Internet Sea in search of the Great Island of Opportunity. After long 18-month journey of realization to many lands… it’s time to welcome back in all of it’s relevant glory… Tradeshow Blues 2012.